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About Advising

College of Humanities and Social Sciences Advising's primary purpose is to help students identify and explore their interests within their chosen field; help students in the development of meaningful educational plans that enable them to reach their academic, career, and life goals; empower students to develop decision-making skills while connecting students to resources to help them succeed. Specifically, our office provides the following services for students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHaSS):

  • Academic advisement for the majors and minors and support CHaSS Departments in promoting student success.

  • All general education and university graduation requirement advising.

  • Resource referral, group advising, problem identification and resolution, and general advising for students.

  • Coordination of student orientation programs and support for department recruiting.

  • Liaise with academic departments to provide on-site advising, training for student ambassadors, and training for departmental advisors.

  • Liaise with Career Services to provide career information to students.

  • Collaborate with Statewide Campus Advisors for advising for all students in in College of Humanities and Social Sciences programs at Statewide Campuses.

  • Represent the Dean by evaluating general education and university regulations; approval of graduation requirements and graduation-related forms; coordination of the graduation program and ceremony; coordination of the college publications (such as the online catalog.); counsel with students regarding academic standards issues (particularly academic warning and probation); letters to students on behalf of the Dean to recognize achievement.

  • Academic advisement for the General Studies - Humanities, General Studies - Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies (CHaSS) majors approved by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences across all USU campuses including responsibility for approving requirements and signing graduation applications.

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